With 135+ currencies and dozens of payment methods, easily adapt to your customers’ payment preferences. After registering an affiliate account, partners can get the API keys and customize their own commission from each completed transaction (up to 2%). Different wallets and exchange partners have already integrated this API for their needs.

cryptocurrency payment api

To do so, one needs to generate an API key – it can be done with one click in your account. Programmatically send fast payouts to your users, sellers, and creators around the world in their local fiat currencies and crypto, starting with USDC. This is a big step towards removing barriers between traditional and decentralized finance. We’re excited to bring Stripe’s world-class payments infrastructure and user experience to our customers. Our payments platform is designed to increase conversion and reduce fraud at every step of the payment flow. Get access to streamlined checkout flows, fraud prevention, issuer-level optimizations, and more so that you can focus on building the next big thing.

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The emerging decentralized storage platform, Filecoin ecosystem, has experienced tremendous growth. Filecoin aims to…

Once of the simplest ways to map a payment to a customer is to have the customer sign in with their wallet. Once they sign in, you can retrieve their public key and have them sign a message (to ensure that they’re not spoofing their public key). You can then query our database for a payment from that public key. A project represents an entity, such as a company or literal project. The project can then create a product, and charge different prices for it.

cryptocurrency payment api

Payment gateway APIs have distinct features and benefits. When analyzing your choices, consider your business size and transaction volume, technical expertise, accepted payment methods, and security features. Square is a payments service that acts as both a payment gateway and processor.

Mobula API

The API is embedded through the REST technology, so it could be introduced to any flow, whether it is a desktop service or mobile application, with no additional coding needed. It’s developer-friendly APIs, and extensive documentation make it the go-to choice for teams building crypto applications. Manage your funds within a custody balance and gain access to limitless off-chain operations with top-tier security and complete control. Initiate thousands of transactions to different addresses in a single API call with automated mass payouts. Payout APIs send disbursements to multiple payees at once to efficiently manage bulk payments, like to freelancers, suppliers, or payroll. When someone writes an app, each API they use is like a programming shortcut.

cryptocurrency payment api

Furthermore, traditional payment methods require customers to provide sensitive personal information that could lead to fraud and identity theft. A payment API’s core function is to process payments efficiently and securely. A payment API that connects to a payment processor makes it easy for stores to accept multiple payment methods like credit cards, ACH transfers, and digital wallets.

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Each plan represents a different tier of access (e.g, starter, premium) or timeframe (e.g., month, year). Each plan can have one or more prices, where each price consists of a chain, a token, and a number of token (e.g, 99 USDC on Solana, 99 USDT on Solana, 1000 APECOIN, 1.2 SOL, etc.). The value of cryptocurrency can fluctuate and capital may be lost, without recourse to financial regulators. Fees apply to transactions on Luno and tax (including Capital Gains Tax) may be payable on any profits. Development teams are often stretched thin due to limited resources and tight schedules. This challenge becomes further magnified when it comes to developing crypto apps, which currently lacks tools for scaling operations.

CryptoCompare includes a variety of data from market, trade, blockchain, and social sources. CoinAPI is a service provider that is solely focused on providing price and market data. With over 20TB of raw market data in its database, CoinAPI has a reputable name for high-quality crypto data in the market.


Let’s take a look at what APIs are and the role they can—and do—play for crypto traders. The operation has been completed successfully and you will get response code 200. However, if you want to see the expected result then you may check the data parameter of the response. How would you describe your business or area of interest. Fill out the form to tell us more about what you’re building so we can better understand how to support your business.

cryptocurrency payment api

You can use our dashboard billing tool to create and email invoices to your clients in a snap. Bills can be scheduled for one-time or recurring payments. Blockchain payments make the online payment experience simple and convenient for customers on any device – customers can pay with just two Crypto Vs Forex Trading taps, no sensitive personal information needed. Cater to a global clientele worldwide with support for both crypto and fiat currencies, simplifying cross-border transactions. Integrate crypto payments into your service to broaden your global reach, catering to the needs of a wider audience.


Beyond the consumer app, Shrimpy also offers a Trading API for developers looking to integrate scalable exchange trading functionality into their app. CoinCap is a tool that collects real-time pricing and market activity for over 1,000 cryptocurrencies, with the goal of providing transparent and accurate data on digital asset markets. Created by the ShapeShift team, CoinCap API is free for all users.

  • Developers can design their own crypto services and, using different API methods, get access to all currency pairs, estimated exchange rates, and much more.
  • Then, each payment is mapped to the customer ID you define.
  • We offer a ten-minute video explaining how to use the frontend here and another tutorial for how to set up the webhook.
  • Payment gateway APIs have distinct features and benefits.
  • Automate your payment flow by setting up crypto subscriptions or crypto billing.

To all of our merchants, we offer a simple framework for payment settlement. Whichever currency the customer pays with, you have an option to exchange it for Euros, bitcoin, and several other cryptocurrencies at the moment of receiving the payment. This way, we maintain things convenient for the merchant, but flexible for the shopper. Shrimpy APIs are the most powerful trading APIs in the market. They connect to a network of the most popular crypto exchanges.

Easily direct a fraction of your revenue to help scale emerging carbon removal technologies. Join a growing group of ambitious businesses changing the course of carbon removal. Increase conversion at every stage of the funnel with Stripe’s direct issuer integrations and powerful optimization products. The industry was in dire need of a cheap, customizable crypto onramp, and we finally have the product we’re looking for.

Professional traders and web trading services use these in combination to place trades. All aspects of a trade, including the timing, the entry point, the exit point, take profit levels, and stop losses, can be executed by APIs. The Sandbox is a way to test our API without making any real transactions.